Medical Oncology

The oncology team at Animal Specialty Center share’s our family’s commitment to providing the best quality of life for your pet as long as possible. We provide comprehensive education about the disease, prognosis, and options for treatment or supportive care. Every situation is unique. We will work with you and provide you support as you decide what is best for your pet. Cancer treatment involves one or more approaches. See the links below for a description for each approach.


Surgery is frequently the recommended treatment for the best chance of controlling the tumor long term if your pet’s tumor is restricted to one site or region of the body. In cases when complete removal is not possible, surgery combined with radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be most effective. For tumors with a high risk of metastasis, surgery with some form of systemic therapy provides the longest disease control times.


Chemotherapy is most recommended for systemic cancers (such as lymphoma) or for solid tumors that either present a high risk of or have already metastasized. In most cases, chemotherapy as a sole treatment for cancer will not cure the disease, but many pets experience tumor control and good quality of life for several weeks to months. Before starting any chemotherapy protocol, your doctor will thoroughly discuss the rationale and goals for treatment, as well as possible side effects.

Radiation Therapy

(with TrueBeam Radiotherapy)

Combined with surgery, radiation therapy is highly effective for treatment for long term control of certain cancers. Radiation can also be used as a primary treatment to improve quality of life or temporary control of cancer growth. Radiation is a local treatment and requires brief anesthesia episodes for our veterinary patients. The schedule of treatment and side effects vary with the location, tumor type, and goals of treatment.

Animal Specialty Center is a leader in the field for veterinary care technology. We offer the most cutting-edge equipment, including the most advanced radiation for pets, the TrueBeam by Varian.

Supportive Care

Whether receiving specific anticancer treatment or not, we always want to pay attention to pain management in addition to nutrition, exercise, and other quality of life issues. If you wish to use alternative therapies as part of your pet’s treatment, we recommend you seek a veterinarian specifically trained in this area.

Our Mission

All of us at Animal Specialty Center never forget our primary mission: Keeping people and pets together, while enjoying longer, happier and healthier lives. We look forward to working with you and your primary veterinarian as, together, we continue to expand the horizons of veterinary medicine and provide the best care possible for you and your pet.